Thank you editor for your space in your web to write some views concerning this matter.

Well, everybody both SSEC and Maeliau's movement, I dont think we can solve this issue, the decision has already been done.

if we continue to attack each others like this, nothing will happen, why not take it to the lord in prayer.

if we say we are christians then do like christians do, We make to much noise about it, its now time for you christians to ask God for his guidence in times like this.

Micheal himself is a theologian, and those at the SSEC office most of them are also theologians, who have graduated from the Christian leaders training college in PNG with thier degrees in theology, they know what they are doing, they know the bible than most of us who just kids in what ever institution we a in.

I think the best way is for us to ask the SSEC office to put out in media, where in the bible did Micheal go wrong, or micheal can explain what did the Bible say about this and that. i think thats the way they should do it than pointing finger on each other.

But the fact of the matter is, if the SSEC christians ask so many questions on micheal style of teaching then, thats somthing the leaders should look into. and they have done thier job with the guidence of the Holy Spirit.

I know Micheal's teaching has also brought many confusion in North Malaita too, some thing that they themselves has to be honest with.

there many incident where some christian brothers from the SSEC North Malaita come to my home to ask about the teachings of Micheal, they said we were confused.

So let God alone deal with this matter, we just pray and continue to seek God guidence upon our lives.

God bless