The movement by former Rev. Maeliau started quite a long time ago and how it opertaed was questionable by even ordinary church goers. So there you go. The church does not need to give more time for the former Rev. to think over his disobedience because I believe he new fairly well that the movement raises more questions than answers.

I see his stubborness as mere pride and disobedience which evetually is "pride comes before fall" as we see now. So may I request the former Rev. and his followers to accept with humility their exclusion from the church for their disobededience but that they need to repent and ask for God's forgiveness. The question of the SSEC's Reverend Bishop decision - I believe the decision he (Rev.Bishop) made was done after much prayer and seeking the Almighty's guidance hence the action.

The SSEC church does not belong to the former Rev. and his followers but belongs to God. Shame on you who thinks that SSEC belongs to you and you alone. My only advise to you who may think along this line is, just get your house in order and be ready for the time when HE will call you home and say, WELCOME, THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT ENTER INTO THE JOY OF THE LORD.