Dear editor can you let me respond to Steward and Allen.

I wish to clarify some of my points, interpreted inaccurately by Steward and Allen.

I never said that the arrival of the gospel on our shore is an earthly thing, like the way Steward wrongly interpreted me. I whole heartedly believe it was the divine plan of God that salvation knocks at our door. But I guess Stewart's confusion attached to my strong emphasis on the landing ground of the gospel in Solomon Islands, especially for SSEC. Never mind I think the earthling place, tribe, region and Island in Solomon Islands is of God's will either. Or do you think God must have gone through a long mathematical process of random selection to help him identified a Race, People, Tribe, Place, Region and Island in Solomon Islands? Even it is so, God himself decide.

This is what Stewart says;
If someone think it is, then you are totally wrong. From Florence Young to Peter Ambuofa, and then to North Malaita, and then to the rest of Solomon Islands SSEC is through God's will, and no earthly man to claim it.

Can you tell me what actually I claim it? You are talking about the arrival of the gospel as God's own process and plan from Florence young to peter Ambuofa and then to North Malaita and to the rest of Solomon Islands.

Do you think we done something good, or ask God to come and begin this process of salvation for us in North Malaita aenatha Wanekao and then to all of us in Solomon Islands? No! My brother; we didn't search for God, but He did, we didn't like Him, but he did, we didn't done any good thing to God, but he did. So nobody can claim the process of salvation to us.

However if you take my previous posting as a claim of whatever you think; then let me explain our claim. We did not claim the process; we claim what the process gives to us. Such as, the eternal life, this God Yahweh, the presence of the Lord, the blessing, the promises the vision and the mission, that all branched out from the trunk of the tree God planted in our soil, in our heart and in our life. It is a claim of witness and testimony of what God did in our land.

However it is a non-excludable and non-rival claim. We claim it; you claim it, who will stop it from you and me. And if we claim that God had started something in our region especially for SSEC, can you deny it? We did not claim that we did it but we claim that we hear, we see, feel and we taste it, we know that the Lord is good, great and mighty in our land. That's the simplest way I can explain our claim.

Both Stewart and Allen deny the separation of Northern Region from the SSEC leadership authority but only Maeliau and his followers. Here is a declaration stipulated in the public Announcement issued by Bishop Lima and his executive; point number 11 says "That all administrative and leadership issues in the Northern Region are to be referred to the Superintendent of the Northern Region. All SSEC assets in all SSEC Regions will remain with SSEC." Does it refer to Maeliau and his followers or the entire northern region? One thing that you don't know Stewart is, when you expel Maeliau you expel Fo'odo, Malu'u and Ma'akwanu Associations. In fact that is the northern region

On the other note, both of you claim that Maeliau's teaching is erroneous (Allen) and Different (Stewart) from the doctrine of SSEC. I'd like to say, you are talking about what you lack enough knowledge about it. Even SSEC leaders held consultation after consultation with Maeliau they didn't say what he did was wrong to him face to face. WHY MY GOOD THEOLOGIANS? All the consultation ended with no rulings. So I won't talk about things that are too deep and mysterious and far from your minds to comprehend.
I'll finish up with this story. When Ambuofa started to spread the gospel, converting people and performing wondrous things, the white missionaries heard the news and they came over to visit him. This is what they told him, "Peter can you come with us and we'll send you to study the bible" Ambuofa replied in broken English version and said, THIS WAY IS GOOD FOR ME , MORE AND MORE BETTER I STAY HERE OR ELSE BABAE MI DIE. He found the reality of what the bible talks about.

I think media is not right place to solve this issue. How many times we reply each other we will not come to any compromising point. Above all as follower of Maeliau I will cling to what Ambuofa says. This way is good for me more and more better I stay here or else babae mi die.

Thank you