Thank you for allowing me to make a comment on the SSEC -row
I suppose the termination of Rev.Maeliau and his followers as claimed by the so -called SSEC leaders in solomon islands perhaps stems from 1. luck of proper Biblical knowledge .2.Advocated by the devil and 3.personal grudge and jealosy.
First,Arguments were made concerning the founders of the SSEM/Cso as to maintain the traditional and initial message, cannot be justified.Society has changed Solomon islands have trasisted from that primitive to civilized society.also,jesus cross is still preached.Unless you tell me which message in particular was praeched.It is naive to claim allegience to a church.The church I believe belongs to God and [not Abuofa and Florence ] Even though the duo needs to be saluted for thier great missionary work.]there fore Gods biblical Truth and doctrines alone be taught with in the church.We must be also mindful of the fact that the church is a living and growing institution and its chief objective is to draw people to God. There fore if Rev Maeliaus [new light] Preaching is biblical and true,then I do not see why he and his followers ought to be pushed out and requested to be repented.

Secondly,The devil is real and is always finding ways to conseal the truth.Infact the adversary,as done to Jesus[crusifying] would not alow truth to be revealed to the rest of the members,therefore it will always work through influential leaders and people in the church. Remember the devil is a liar and the acuser of bretheren.
Thirdly,Perhaps personal inerest and grudges cannot be ruled out.Maeliaus contradictory teaching as claimed by the SSE church leaders certainly caused breakaway in the chuch, In such situations,consulting God and the bible would be the best and wise reaction.This is because Teachers and preachers will be acounted for their teaching about the bible when jesus returns.

Therefore,I personally uncertain of which party is truly needs to be repenting?in conclusion,I apeal to the SSEC cogregation to reconsider their allegations against Rev.Maeliau and his followers because I felt that maeliaus teaching does have a biblical ground..Thank you.