I once tried what John Iko suggested but found it very difficult to do so.

Firstly, LCC would require that you actually prove beyond reasonable doubt that a sitting MP misuses the money. You need to give LCC all the documents, amount, etc, peratining to the alleged funds misused.

Secondly, RCDF retirement and docunments filed with Provincial Government are quite impossible to verifty. You cannot verify receipts produced by MPs for money they purported to have given to people of their respective constituencies to assit pay for things like school fees or church donations. These receipts are sometimes written to account for the money abused.

Thirdaly, just look at how the RCDF is managed. It is common practice that MP's appoint a RCDF committe usually chaired by their brother or very close relatives. By doing this, the blame is shifted from MPs to the committee.

I suppose the only alternative is to shift the RCDF for other productive uses or used to meet the cost of sustaining the standard and quality of public utilities. From where I come from, people travel for hours to the nearest clinic for medical treatment. This is where money is needed..RCDF could be used in here.

But for all of us, the best option would be to vote people with clear conscience into Parliament. But for me, the problem will/shall remain that Legislative politics in Solomon Islands seemed to protect interest of Politicians and not of economic building.