Dear Editor,

In my humble view RCDF and other forms of hand outs given by MPs for various income generating projects in our rural areas in some ways has created a dependency mentality or dependency syndrome among some of our rural people which is undesirable. Since some of these people always rely on such funds to start up any income generating activities thus they are being discouraged to utilized whatever resources they got at hand instead they wait for the RCDF which at times can lead to laziness. In comparison there are some rural individuals that I knew who started from a scratch with out receiving any RCDF funds or what so ever assistance but through their hard work and struggle they become successful in owning and managing their small rural enterprise such as petrol depot, canteen, poultry, piggery.. etc. However, in my personal view I think it would be better if greater portion of RCDF funds are allocated towards the construction and improvement of rural infrastructures such as roads, bridges, wharfs, market centre, copra warehouse...etc in our respective constituencies rather than giving all the funds to individuals/groups in a form of micro-projects which had a high chance of failure therefore resulted in waste of funds. Therefore its time the national government should reconsider and perhaps overhaul the whole system in which RCDF is being administered, disburse and used and come up with a system or approach that is more appropriate, transparent, and relevant to our socio-economic environment. By doing so I believe we can see some differences in terms of rural developments that these funds can bring to our rural communities. Unless there is a change on how the RCDF is administered, disbursed and used then rural development will be far from our reach. Hem nomoa lelebet idea taem blo ufala moa