The High Court has been commissioned to declare whether or not the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission acted within the constitution when setting the increased entitlements in the 2009 PER.

I have a feeling they will declare its within the constitution and hence legally sound.

It may be legal but out right irrational and irresponsible. The general populace are not questioning the legality of the entitlements (or give a toss for that matter) rather the fact that someone in office is ensuring that they benefit from their position. Will the copra making fathers in the province benfit? Or will the produce selling mothers benefit?

When can the politicians understand that the people do not agree with the PEC entitlements weather the process is legal or not. The bottom line is that the people who vote them into parliament will be short changed. It is unthinkable that money that could have been spent on essential services (schools, clinics...etc...) could be directed into the bank accounts of a few greedy, selfish, self-serving bunch (of bananas) given the state of the economy.

Nafu nao oloketa boss!