It has been interesting reading the contributions of fellow wantoks on the issue of our MP's RCDF use and other administrative matters.

My contribution concerns a more directive approach to this issue.

I believe the procedure in which we can hold our leaders truly accountable is to go through relevant authorities who have investigatory powers which would scrutinize an MP's actions according to the law.

I believe we as the public can hold Members of Parliament accountable for their actions concerning the use of RCDF. Before this can happen we must know that MP's cannot be brought to court the usual way we civilians would (police arresting them and taking them to court). I believe the procedure in bringing about legal actions to MP's would be to lodge ones complaints to the Leadership Code Commission. The Leadership Code Commission then would investigate such allegations and then decide on the matter.

The Leadership Code Commission can either order the MP to pay a fine or if they find that the alleged actions are quite serious then they may refer the matter to the High Court. The High Court would then have more powers to impose a harsher punishment (imprisonment or a higher fine).

So to fellow wantoks who truly feel they have legitimate concerns regarding their MP's administration concerning the RCDF I stress that this option is available.

I think the Leadership Code Commission can be located opposite the Pacific Melanesian Haus on the 2nd floor above the LGZ bottle shop in Rove.

Hao anyone willing fo tryem?