Dear editor,

Please allow me space to contribute to the above issue. The issue of a church (SSEC) coming to the shore of the Solomon Islands is not an earthly thing. If someone think it is, then you are totally wrong. From Florence Young to Peter Ambuofa, and then to North Malaita, and then to the rest of Solomon Islands SSEC is through God's will, and no earthly man to claim it. SSEM is the name given to the mission by the missionary headquarter in Queensland, and then later to SSEC, when it can run its own, and no longer need missionaries. This same church continues till now, and practices the same things that change the heathens in the past.

When anyone tries to teach something that is different, the church has the right to terminate. If Florence Young and Peter Ambuofa are alive these days, would they say that there effort to Christianize the people is to give the church to the people of North Malaita only? Why treated this issue as an earthly thing, is that what Maeliau preaching? One thing the people should know that North Malaita is not expel, it was Maeliau. The church is belongs to Christ despite what name it come under. Before anyone decided to shout his grievances to the media, analyze things, so that it make sense rather than making things senseless. I think its time to change attitude and repent. We are not going to church every Sunday because this is the church of my region or grandfathers; it is the heart and Christ, put the name aside. It has its own purpose.