Allen you have attained in due respect of putting up the allegations that has laid upon this gentleman. Upon the time frame that has been dated (30days) for Rev. Maeliau to come forward with any resolutions. He was call in at Rev. Bishop Mathias Lima office in due course to explain what has been the infinite period of 30 days and Rev. Maeliau was present that time. But Rev. Bishop was insensible to respond in anyway where decisions should take place rather differ from 26 August. Unfortunately, without any response from Rev. Bishop, Maeliau left to PNG until now. In fact, after that instance, the declaration was made while he was not in attendance, but before he left for sure Rev. Maeliau was called in to talk with Rev. Bishop.

For Allen, I am pretty sure you need to make a logical tag along these juncture or occurrences rather take it as insignificant situation as speculations. And you have replied mine as a moot!! Yes I agreed it is a moot, because you have dub Rev. Maeliau and the entire Northern region followers of this faction to repent. Do you think it is a best way to resolve issues when you call these groups on inferiority bases on Christian sense "REPENT" while they are not? This is a moot and you won't agree. Then why shouldn't it prolong to this infinity? I know more than a number of consultations were held beforehand when this was not yet to be like now. But there is no solutions made upon it, leaders are silent when meeting face to face without a chief reason that bother this vision's right to persuade. But when individual dialogs flanked by these leaders and people who did not know anything about it like Allen as one, they have a discussion like a panel restraint. Supposing issues on this confinement of what many people have say as doctrine but it is not, no one is eager to present any of allegation refer to what Allen you have listed on your article during such occasion held. At all the consultations apprehended it is the same old profound subject on "doctrine" what Allen you have copy and paste it in your article above I know it is the SSEC national council contentions ground against what Rev. Maeliau vision it is.

Until now do you think it is not a moot or whatever you suggested? Did you think voicing through this medium for someone to repent is viable? Did you think after making those decisions on these contentions, your comment will help motivating people to repent? Did you think when pointing on inferiority bases on Christian sense is a way for another Christian to build up on when not realizing the sin committed even he or she does not? Are you preaching on the message of repentance and keep on shouting in your locality for change? Did your tone on this issue demonstrate repentance respectively? Then why did you tell someone to repent while you are demonstrating another dissipated fiber?

Lastly, for me, the meaning I brought up in since this revolution has reached our shore (Christianity). It is not an organisation that has to be known all over the world for its existence. But if you take it as an organisation for instance, even here in Fiji SSEC is not recognized at all in any spot or the Pacific islands in particular or even globally than other churches you can recall. The notion behind this abbreviation is uncompromising or categorical, but rather is an "Evangelism" "mission" that we need to expose reaching to the unreached.