I am writing in response to CHRIS WANEKAO's article. No one dispute the historical stories about the church's arrival in Malaita. Rather we should question whether the theological foundation of the church had been eroded by erroneous teachings of Maeliau.

Wanekao went on to falsely accuse the church of getting rid of North Malaita leadership in the church. The church only excommuicate Maeliau and followers, the likes of you.

SSEC does not need to be well known internationally to be established as a church. I find it ridiculous that Wanekao would opt to have the name SSEC for Maeliau's group. Your knowledge about the Church history is not the same as abiding by the church theological foundation. I suggest you find a new name for your group. After all you people are the ones with the contradictory teaching.

You are also misguided to say that SSEC is not an organization. It doesnt matter anyway if the church is an organization or movement. Nothing changes the church is still the church.

I wish you the best with your vision.