Dear Editor,

Ok Boisoto lets do some constructive debate. After critically analysing (to use your terms) your posting in relation to SIPEU/SINTA strike notice, it was obvious that you are making mere generalizations. I believe it is dangerous to make wild generalisations about our Hon. MPs taking into account the current general feelings toward Parliaments due to some of their recent decisions. Hon. Rini and Hon. Zama are not there in Parliament for nothing, They are part of the law-making body of our nation-state, the parliament or legislature. This is a demanding job. And so to say that they are there just for yes or no is insulting to these Gentlemen.

Also there is no daylight robberry by government by gov't as you presummed, PEC was actually giving parliamentarians their entilements just like any worker - where in most cases family members' welfare are also taken into account. So don't be surprise if next year sons and daughters of Hon.MPs are considered for terminal grant as well because next year it is highly likely most of these Gentlemen will be re-elected.

For our ''hard working public servants?'' to use your phrase, I agree that the gov't should give what they deserve. But I think, I think parliamentary entitilements and SIPEU's log of claims are separate issue and should not be discussed together. SIPEU negotiation on behalf of its members should be an on-going process at a different level and not just a response to PEC's decisions which is within parliamentary regulations.

Also I think connecting or by mentioning Chinese well-to-do in discussing some of our governments' decision is dangerous to our chinese community in Honiara. Chinatown hem burn-down unfounded connections or allegations.

Thank you