It is too early for solomon islands to have beggars in the street...beggars are those people asking for money or other neccessities of survival such as foods and cloths illegally from someone.

Hence, this will associated with negative impacts in our society like Tourists may not walk freely along the street...which is not good.

Begging is a global issue where in some countries it is ban by other countries like India, Africa with huge population it is right for people to beg in the street as there was not enough land for people to cultivate and even to build a home...thus in such countries the nature or the needs of survival influence begging which is appropriate.

The reasons for begging varies among beggers...and the only way to find this out is to conduct a the form of questionaires and interview.

The message that I would like to convey is...please responsible leaders of all authorities...discourage this form of illegal activity in our country. One alternative is to identify those beggers and ask them where they are from like knowing their province and constituency, and it should be the responsibility of their provincial and National leaders instead of blaming Social welfares and so selen no staka.

Since solomon islands have almost 1000 islands...there is no doubt that we can still survive in rural areas..our people need to be educated on subsistence form of living...means we grow food for survival and built our home on the land God gave us.

Begging must be discourage ...leaders must look for alternative and stop this form of illegal activity.

Tagio..tumas..hem opinion blo mi nomoa...

James Tiva