Firstly let me call upon my fellow good country men not to personalize issues when contributing views to issues of national interest. Also, stop the character assassination, stop deriding others of their qualifications and the right to express their views. The editorial chief has the authority to either publish or reject our postings hence, keep to the core of issues discussed.

Anyway, below are some of my ting ting karage.

Our leaders are meant to be lawmakers and should stay that way if our country is to move forward with its economic development. RCDF disbursement should be left to the people (public) without interference from MPs. RCDF must be given to appropriate ministries to administer and distributed to the population to reduce high illiteracy rate and construct roads, wharves, clinics, schools, public credit unions with physical presence in the rural areas, where those individuals and families interested in income generating activities such as fuel depot, piggery, poultry, fisheries, etc, can access finance thru loans to be obtained from these public credit unions.

I believe it is high time that we should stop giving out free handouts in terms of funded projects in whatever forms. Instead, genuine applicants must sought funds thru loans from public credit unions to be established within all 50 constituencies and looked after by CDO or other relevant public officers. A mechanism should also be in place to prosecute responsible officers if and when these public credit union funds are abused. Recipients must also be liable for prosecution if and when they fail to pay up or misappropriate borrowed funds for their intended purposes.
The continuous issuance of free handouts to constituents thru RCDF by our MPs is creating strong reliance or dependency on our leaders, which is exactly what they initially wish for. By creating the dependency syndrome, our poor people were being manipulated by our so called leaders.

It is high time that our good leaders should re-organize the use of RCDF and its disbursement. In conclusion, RCDF should now be abolished and instead pumped into relevant ministries for provision of public services and creation of public credit unions to be accessible in all 50 constituencies. Of course other factors been raised in this forum by other contributors must be taken into consideration for the above to materialize.

U fala moa.