Dear Editor

I find it rather hard to believe that the PM and his cohorts would direct the AG to file a case in the High Court to determine the validity of the awards.

Who cares whether the High Court states whether the awards are legal. That is not the issue so do not try to hoodwink the members of the public Mr Prime Minister. The issue is whether the PEC awards are morally right? You know very well that the PEC award are morally wrong and yet chooses to have it determined before the courts. What the PM is trying to do is to give legitimacy to awards which are morally wrond and unchristian. How low can you stoop so low Mr PM.

If the PM has the decency, he should do the descent thing and ask the PEC to rescend the decision. That is the only thing to do. If an analogy can be made, it is akin to the situation where our Lord was brought before Pontius Pilot, where, while he acknowledged that Jesus had done nothing wrong did not release him but instead symbollically washed his hands in water to say he is now free from any blame of any misfortune befall but yet turned him over to the Chief Priest and his cohorts. In this case the PM and his cabinet knows that the PEC awards are morally wrong and yet pass the responsibility to the Courts so that if it is held as being valid they will take that as the legitimacy. What they are hoping for is for the courts to say that the awards are within the law. The easiest and correct thing for them to do is have the PEC rescend the decision.

I urge all Solomon Islanders to keep putting pressure on the government to ensure the immoral awards are rescended. The TSI, NGOs, Unions and other Pressure Groups must also not be hoodwinked in this regard.