Dear editor,

Please allow me space to reply to Drummond once and for all on this issue which he thinks is very important to him; that if I agree with RCDF misappropriation by MPs or not.

Drummond, why do you still need me to agree or disagree when I have already made it very clear that I do agree MPs misuse RCDF and I even substantiated that claim by providing proof in the LCC Case? I thought this issue, since the angle you are taking is of no importance to everybody, was already resolved given my previous responses to you. What are you still concerned about? You are making a very big deal out of nothing. Indeed, you are arguing on the periphery of the issue, and that is a bit too childish of you. And just to let you know, this kind of debate is pointless and is a waste of time because you are asking about something all of us all have clearly agree on and that is misuse of RCDF by MPs. The real question is: If the government is not doing enough in ensuring MPs to be accountable, then what can we do or have done as ordinary Solomon Islanders to stop MP's misappropriation of RCDF? Are we going to just sit there and complain the whole time, writing in papers, going to the media and suggesting imaginary changes or should we be more pragmatic and actively show our commitment by taking these corrupt MPs to court and make a difference for the better? That's the point you are missing. I am not saying that allegations of misuse are baseless or cannot be substantiated. This one hem own ting-ting blo you ia and no forcim come lo me. You are making up mere assumptions here based on you perspective of argument. As far as I am concerned, I have never mentioned or purported to that and never will I. And Drummond who in Solomon Islands in his right mind would you think would advocate that MPs don't misuse RCDF when we all allege that they do? Your unconstructive and continuous towing of the issue is pathetic. I suggest you get out of the covers of your "text-book" mentality and see the reality of the issue and acknowledge that this issue is not solely that of the state to deal with but is also one that we as ordinary Solomon Islanders must actively engage in. How many times would you want me to answer your question Mr. Drummond? Or do you want me to write it in pidgin? Ok hem lo here: Mi agree that oketa MPs misusem nao RCDF ia but question blo mi nao hem olsem: If government or governance institutions no save doim waka blo oketa good then why nao iumi people no doim seleva and tekem oketa corrupt MP ia lo court? Hem responsibility blo iumi too ia for make sure that oketa MP blo iumi no misuse lo selen. But time iumi claim nomoa that oketa misuse but iumi no doim anything ia hem showim that iumi fail too ia. So while iumi blamim state iumi must save lo failure blo iumi too. Hem na ia arguement blo mi. IU MEANIM NA? Drummond, I think this is enough idiocy because as this debate drags on, it seems to me that the more you are drawn into your world of illusions, and in so doing making assumptions that no body else but you holds true. Why are you still asking and bragging about a question and issue of no importance that "even a primary school student in Solo knows the story about"? And if a primary school student in Solo knows the story about the issue, then why aren't you?

I rest my case.