While I agree with sentiments raised by Boisoto on how some unpopular decisions are made by our national leaders, I beleive this column requires constructive arguments to issues than to air mere generalizations about issue of concern. An example is to say that Minister Rini and Zama were just saying yes! no! in the house of parliment needs some merit of justification. I believe what we should be airing is what people can do to ensure that our leaders make good decisions if they have not as people have the power. Calling for a strike may be one, what else can be done within the bounds of LAW? On the other hand we should be thinking of how we can have good leaders that truely put people first than themselves, cronies, few favoured individuals, families etc. I strongly believe that people have the answers to effect such changes. But we cannot achieve them if we blind ourselves to expecting our leaders to make the change. We put them there, so it is also us that have the power to remove them or change them.