Dear Editor,

Charles Koroni's note to Drumond needs to be aplauded as I rather find Drumonds contribution to the ongoing discussions on this paper rather childish and does not speak well of him being a student at a tertiary institution. He seems to confuse himself and most times do not critically analyse the debates/contribution by other scholars. We cannot really blame him for that as he may still be struggling for his first degree in whatever field he aspires and hope that he should start to learn how to critically analyse others contribution/discussions. He posseses more of a kindy/primary school leavers behaviour as he always fond of saying, thant an aspiring critical academic. Derricks contributions are based on some facts and are ought to be taken into consideration, and for purposes of lively debates/discussion on the issues of corruption and leadership are well thought contributions. For people like Drumond who finds it rather difficult to quickly grasp others contribution, I think sometimes you need to carefully analyse others contribution before responding as you seem to confuse yourself and making fool of yourself. Thats typical of primary and secondary school leavers attitude. Iu read gud fastaem and try to make sense of what nao other contributers like for sharem.