Dear Editor,

Please allow me to reply to Drummond on his most recent response to my article.

Indeed it is not my intention to drag on this debate because it seems that it is heading to no-where and there is no point to debating with people who rather want to score points than to be constructive. I only responded to the first Drummond article because as the writer of the article responded to I felt that I had to make clarifications because you were missing my point.

Even now, you are still missing the point.
Drummond if you say that you did not ask me about my position on whether MPs have misappropriated the Fund or not, then what do you mean when you say this: "So Derrick, do you agree that there is room for misappropriation by MPs with RCDF?" This is plain english and how else would you expect someone to understand that? You are asking for my opinion and I thought I have made it very clear in my previous and the recent postings. I had made it very clear, and we all agree that there is misappropriation of RCDF by MPs and that they have no right to do that; so why ask whether there is "room for misappropriation"? Don't you think that you are asking the wrong question here? And by asking the wrong question you have dragged youself into the periphery of the issue at hand. You even agree that "even a primary student in solo knows the story" so why brag about it? The issue here is this; we know that RCDF has been misappropriated by MPs, so what can we as Solomon Islanders do to change that status quo? We have heard numerous complaints in the media all the time about MPs' RCDF misappropriation but why has that practiced prevailed? Are we as ordinary Solomon Islanders doing enough to hold our leaders to account for their actions or not? My opinion was that we have not, and if that is what Drummond disagrees with then you better come out of your delusion to reality and see the truth. We aren't doing enough but ha depended entirely on the state to do things and make them easier for us. I am even flabbergasted by your last line where you suggested changing the name of RCDF to something of your imagination. That will not do the trick and no body in his right mind would find a solution like that for an issue seen by many as a national problem.

As I said healthy political debate is good for our economy, but there is a difference between being constructive and being an illusionist. It does not help when all we care about is to argue just for the shake of scoring points than to pave a way where our weaknesses and problems can be realised, acknowledged and rectified.

And Drummond I will not hesitate to "throw too much on the floor" even "when nobody asked for it" because I think it matters especially if we are to share our opinions and be constructive towards achieving common goals, except off course if we are dealing with idiocy and there is no room for anything else but only that in our discussions.