Dear editor,

Please allow me to put few comments regarding the above heading. I am afraid of the kind of claim by Judges Clif on this paper regarding the above subject. Maeliau was expelling from the church because of the same kind of attitude by Judges on this online news. If Judges is one of Maeliau's follower then he too need to repent and follow the SSEC doctrines. Someone wants to put the church as doing a wrong thing is what the Bible warns about the last days. Christ cannot be compared to Maeliau, and there is no prophesy that stated that someone like Maeliau will be "SOMEONE TO COME". This is not the age of prophets. A charismatic leader is very dangerous to Christian believes and it has proven over the years. Just do not try and teach SSEC, we are all believers, and every denomination has a doctrine so do SSEC. If someone wanted to follow Maeliau, then why not follow him and put the SSEC alone. Judges Clif was preventing Maeliau in this same paper when the SSEC about to elect their new president and now he is here again to say to every readers that SSEC is wrong. No one stop Maeliau from what he is doing. They only expel him from the church because of contradicting teaching, and he can still be doing what he usually does and his followers can still be with him. So let this issue to be like this rather than continue to criticize the church and try to put more division. Thank you.