Dear Editor,

The letter by Jack from Suva is fully supported. If Hon Rini and Hon Zama can see the rationale to grant themselves millions of dollars in the name of the so called "parliamentary entitlements" for doing nothing other than to say yes and no in the house of the parliament, then, I see no reason why the government should not award the well deserved hard working public servants their entitlements which is long over due to them. Where is social justice in this case. Come on government, you have to play in an even playing field when dealing with this matter. Now it can be best concluded that the so called advocators of transparency and accountability in the current ruling government truelly shows their true colours, infact they were the worst corrupt leaders who want to exercise broad day light robbery of the public purse under the expense of the tax payers. Rediculous and thumbs up to the PEC members, you have proved yourself none other than great self serving leaders. I only hope these type of leaders should not be re-elected into the house, because the least they will do is to sell the whole nation of Solomon Islands to a Chinese millionaire, because even what is logic could not be rationalised.