Dear editor,

Let me ask this question to the SSEC national council? Before getting or granted this label or title as "REVRENED" do you think this certification is a shallow element that can be issued to anyone or anybody and can be easily withdrawn as a right from human perspective without the many blessing poured upon this offered where even the human race have respected and even God himself has in his plan, that a pastor or theologian have possessed.

Perhaps, take an example, a man hearing his case or judgment aggravation in court hearing panel of judges. Do we expect the one committed this crime to be absent at his own judgment pending for some years ago? Or standing before our God in his predefinition and ordained time, or the precious moment which is the brilliant time we are still anticipating to accomplish and witness for God to judge our work done on earth. Should one by one can absent from his hearing? Even this crucial time where God promise us this judgment the scripture has already stated that all of us "no exception", even those who are death will put on a plinth by the power of God himself to be there also to witness his/her sentence to live or death.

It means the presence of the dishonest, illegitimate, unlawful, fraudulent, counterfeit, phony, and spurious or on the opposite will all gathered to witness this day. I believe this decision is made without the presence of Rev. Maeliau the one who is blame for this appellation. What is the difference between this judgment on earth and in heaven we suppose to face? Does it matter for a person that could be judge without his presence? Where everyone can stand to witness?

It sounds ridiculous, coward and uninstitutional from a human gawk when doing such action. Although, some of you have already directly mention as a totally separate doctrine from that of SSEC or whatever can be describe as it is. It's true that all will judge this according to their unambiguous perspective of intellectual. My assumption is that all the decisions are tolerable for national SSEC council to make but let us all witness and this gentleman's presence here before say publicly to media and other means. I suggested that it will be better to officially demonstrated in the eyes of everyone and Rev. Maeliau himself was to present in front of all people rather declaring unprofessionally. We are Christians we know what is right and what is wrong in the eyes of people when our attitudes will judge someone who is not right in his own means to fulfill his mandate. The final Judgment where God had promise us will not be privately not at all in any means without the absent of Christians and unbelievers standing before him, and also the earthly judgments without the mug person rather present. Let this king of glory be glorified in any circumstances, and let him who does be unto him and to him alone.

God bless