Dear editor,

Could you please allow me to present my view on the above issue.

Let me quote this very important statement which described the real difference between the liberals and the conservatives in United States over the years. "Conservatives think patriotism is a tribute to the past and the Liberals believes it's a key to the future". Here is what I can perfectly describe as the core of this long standing row between the SSEC leaders. This is what this generation needs to learn.

If am right, Christianity came ashore, only some hundred or so years back. That was during the cannibalistic age. Our very own people didn't accept it. Eventually they kill some of the early missionaries. They think those missionaries are introducing a foreign god. However they soon realized that foreign god was more powerful, can heal the sick; can protect you from harm; becomes the source of wealth and can perform wonders and miracles. Our forefathers eventually accept that foreign god as their God. Their conversion begins the diversion and breaking down of the fabric of our culture and changing the course of our history. Our culture was considered as ways of darkness, a new belief emerges and that we call it Christianity.

Regardless of this great conversion age, some they still hold on to paganism and look at the converts as those who carried away by the influence of the white god. But now a day you talk about Christianity, 95 % of Solomon Islands population was already Christianized. A convert or a Christian is a preferred notion with in our society, no one dislike it. Today we shout, break into jubilation and sing to the top of our voice, praising the Lord, but we often didn't realized the heart ache, shame ,the critics and the challenges faced by those who conquer this paradigm of blessing and jubilation. Those who take the risk not to conserve, but willing and able to accept God's visitation and intervention in the distance past.

Whilst we respect and pay tribute to bearers of our faith with their core teaching or doctrine, the church of God need to learn what happen during the time of Christ. Christ the only Son of God whom we Christian believed as the messiah was arrested and put to death for committing a greatest sin of blasphemy according to the Law of Moses, calling himself as the Son of God. (The death of Christ is another issue; but am referring to the message he preached). The teachers of the Law of Moses, Sadducees and Pharisees were so zealous to the Law of Moses and did not accept the message of Christ.

However few people during that time, who are willing to live up the odds of Christ teaching, then manage to survive persecution of all kinds spread the gospel through out the world. We are the living witnesses of the salvation that was spread by the disciples of Jesus. Again our salvation and jubilation is a product of a terrible cost on the life of few others who survive with Christ's teaching. They decide not to conserve but to accept Christ teaching and through the test of time the truth remains.

What am trying to get at is what the liberals believe; "Patriotism is but a key to the future". If we believe the way God unfold him to the author of our doctrine is complete and reflect the ultimate guideline for all time and purposes, circumstances now and for the future, about who and what God is? Then there is no room for God to unveil more of his will and purpose for us. That has been the conservative view of who God was. But that was just the WAS (past) nature of God. How about the WHO IS and the WHO IS TO COME, nature of God, like it says in the book of Revelation? Is our doctrine completely revealed THE WHO IS, and THE WHO IS TO COME, nature of God? Are we going to do the same thing done by the Israelites during the time of Christ visitation, their zealousness for the Law of Moses prevent them from accepting the plan of redemption for mankind? These are some questions to think about.

Am not saying one is right and the other is wrong. It is just a matter of curiosity, are we doing the right thing in a wrong way or a wrong thing in a right way? However, I believe we are at the testing times. Our leaders have all the right to do what ever action they ought to take in the best interest of our church doctrine as being conservative. And I also think there is no problem to understand God and discovered more of Him. But sometimes it takes a little bit of sacrifice to understand God in a more special way, even loosing your culture, church tradition and other things that would hold you back, like I've stated above.

The expelling of Maeliau and his followers will always remain and unforgettable event in history of the South Sea Evangelical Church. It will be a classical example of a conflict of teaching between the conservatives and the non-conservatives in the church of God.

But am looking forward for a day when the church of God will not be judge by the content of their doctrine, but by the content of their characters. Regardless of conservatives and non-conservatives, men will be able to experience God in its fullness.

Thank you