If the task of the Ed. Attach'e is merely a channel for students to pass on issues, problems, etc, etc to Honiara then God forbids it. It is a task that is best handle by SISA or other Exe. from FIT, FSM, as pointed out by others. It was argued by some in the meeting held last year at room H104 with officials from foreign affairs in Honiara who were here to set up the office of the High Comm. that the position of an Ed. Attach'e must carry with it responsibility and powers that SISA exe. do not perform. This include powers to make decisions on certain issues (not all). As all USP, FSM, FIT students are aware, the current Ed. Attach'e does not have such power or may be that the officer does not know what to do; either way, the question of the existence of such post in Fiji is questioned.

The issue of allowances does not need the existence of the Ed. Attach'e. Infact the system used in PNG for SI students can be also applied where the SI High Comm. office in PNG handles students allowance. I am sure such approach can be applied here in Fiji as well.

I think that the truth of the matter is that the existence of the Ed. Attach'e has created more frustration with students than helping students. And as I write, there is a growing frustration and is brewing among students of the handling of their issues. I am aware that students will be petitioning for the removal of the Ed. Attach'e as well.