It is high time to stop and evaluate the performance of our governments leaders since attaining nationhood 31 years ago.

The actions of our leaders over the years has cost this country more than what they gain for this country. In other words the problems we have encountered over the years till todate are the result of what they sow in the form of policies and legislations.

For instance in the beginning, the PS post and AG post are free from political influence. Now this is no longer the case. The contracting of Permanent secretary positions is more or less by political appointees mainly cronies and lacks transparency. In another example, the previous government policy to sell some of the governments quarters resulted in public servants without accommodations and government spending more on very high rentals annually. This infamous policy was self-serving as then the government and their close associates were the ones who purchased these houses at very low cost.

Just recently, the parliamentarians has no objection to the PEC awarding of spouse terminal grants let along the other entitlements approved in their favour. These very few people, 50 out of the 800 or so people are using up more resources of this nation than what actually goes to benefit the rural mass. These few people taking cover under democracy are changing the motto of this nation to lead is to serve to the opposite for their own interest. Instead of being law makers, making laws in parliament, they also want to become project officers, administraters, planners, and so on. These people are the real obstacle to the prosperity, development and security of this nation because they say one thing and do the totally opposite.

They have created alot of political appointees something that is rarely seen in the early 1980s which is merely duplicating of duties provided for in the machinery of the government. An example is the creating of CDOs through the provinces which is the duplicating of planning officers in the provinces. The money that are spend on the level 10 salary scale of these CDOs could be better utilized for other services to the people of this nation.

Therefore these people are put there by the people and if they think that they are there to serve themselves, then sorry they are in the wrong place.