Dear editor, the topic that carries the above heading attracts a lot of contributors. What I want to raise here is that the SISA should make sure the government is responding to their submissions, and if there are no positive outcomes, then take more actions. The association needs active leaders. Someone that pursue students' welfares. I have been few years now in Fiji and the current situation here causes miserable to many. Last week, there is public outcry in the media over a child where their family cannot afford bus fare that was increased so he has to walk long distance to school. . Currently some students are borrowing money and await the next part, but it is not yet mid semester
Another question I want to ask is what is the purpose of the Education Attaché then? Many issues regarding students are in the USP website, and NTU had relied on this information in the past to assess students. If this office is just a political game, then see how many money is spent on this, and how SISA is powerless to effectively address students' affairs.
No surprise if more students will fail this end year. This was the case last semester; many calls are made to the government to look at the situation here but no response, and then they quick to terminate a huge number. Students look like being unfairly treated here. Stick to termination and refusal to maintain the students allowance from SBD shows how ignorant the government is. This is not our country and for Fiji, money is everything. Therefore everyone involve in this issue needs to act reasonable