Thank you editor for sparing this space for this contribution.
I read the news from SIBC online, with sadness because the services to our people will be affected, given the SIPEU members go on strike starting Monday.

The way i see it is, all these started after the PEC decided to increase the parliamentary entitlements. I do believe the SIPEU and SINTA have long been understanding to the economic status of our country. But then came the proposed increase in the parliamentary entitlements for MPs and Spouses. This action by the PEC, in which the Finance Minister is a member of, sends a message that we have a lot money. I believe thats what awoke the SINTA and SIPEU to push for action now.
My good people of Solomon Islands, if the strike action of the SIPEU will affect the services essential to you. Don't blame them, its because of the very MPs that you vote for.
I strongly beleive this strike has to be. We can't be fooled like the other times in the past. The PM has called for a round table discussion with the leaders of SINTA and SIPEU but how many of such will they tolerate. Enough of just talking. I beleive they (SINTA and SIPEU) learned from their past.
All these happened because of the PEC decision to increase the parliamentary entitlements.

Lets see how the Government will handle this.