I think Derick has a point on the above topic. In 1996 a former MP who contested for his second term in one of the constituencies in Solomon Islands was accused of no tangible developments seen in his constituency. His reply was that development has many meanings to it and aid that if ones life has changed from what it was before through some form of assistance like RCDF for example that is development, whether it is small or big in nature. And he went on to ask the very people who asked him the question on development what they had done to the RCDF money which they requested for runing a small trade store or poultry for broilers and layers to sell as he could not see any which could have changed their lives from no trade store or poultry to having one which is development. Here it important to be realistic on such issues as some people are actually benefiting from such funds although equal access to such funds and equity might be the question of debate. As such I truely believe that there is more viable resources in our means that we can dwell on than to depend on funds like RCDF. In fact there are many hard working ordinary Solomon Islanders who are successful as individuals oe as communities without RCDF and other AID money and I applaud them and to me this is the way forward.