Dear Editor,
I wish to comment on the above said topic which I found intriguing and as a church member, saddened by the recent rift in church affairs among its members.The issue of Mr Maeliau's teachings as we know is a long standing issue in the church as far as I could remember and is a source of debate for all concern.What I would like to stress here is the importance of being rooted in the church doctrine established by the founding fathers of the church.Whenever the church find something contradicting its beliefs or teachings that may led its sheep (congregation) astray from that of our Lord Jesus, they have the right to intervene in a manner portrayed by Jesus' teaching of humility,repentance and forgiveness.
I believe the church does what it has mandated to and have considered what is good for the body of Christ as the decision taken is a representation of all the elders of the various associations throughout the country and we should respect that.
On the issue of 'Division', there is no doubt it might be an issue of concern but not to that of him who believes in the truth.For every member of the church,I think we all are brought up in the church teachings of Jesus Christ since sunday school which we can't deny nevertheless so be it, stand firm in what you believe.
Lest we forget, Heresy is a common issue in religions of the past,it takes spiritual inspiration to strengthen your faith in what you believe.