Dear editor and Readers

My attention was drawn to two lines in Derrick's posting about RCDF and l quote " Mind you, I'm not saying that it has not been missappropriated or abused'. 'Iam not saying that the fund has never been abused", paragraph 2 and 3 respectively. So Derrick, do you agree that there is room for misappropriation by MPs with RCDF? The two lines contradict the whole picture you are trying to paint about MPs. If you have personally benefited from RCDF, then good on you, but remember the majority of Solomon Islanders and even at your constituency are still waiting. It is also wrong to assume that some people are only good at barking and not contributing to the country's development. Contribution is what everybody wants and I believe all of us are trying our best even without RCDF. This RCDF, a free hand-out from Taiwan if use to assist those who are trying to engage in commercial activities would certainly boost our economy.