Bula Editor and I would appreciate publish of my take on the above subject raised by Jessie M DMani from Raiwai.

As implied by Jessie, the blame is directed at the SSEC hierarchy for a decision that possess the potential to divide the church congregation. I would agree given the view that the church leaders opted to pursue such a decision. However, to present an alternate view of how things unfolded between the church and the sect led by Maeliau, it seemed that it was him (an his followers) that have initiated the renegade from mainstream SSEC principles - thus making him liable for any blames for causing disunity.

The SSEC leadership is merely acting in the interest of the larger church congregation in making the decision for his expulsion from its hierarchy. Thus, it seems that the Church leadership is wrongly accused in the context that Jessie presented. How long will the church remain tolerant to an unrepentant member who seemed to be creating an alternative congregation in direct competition to the SSEC principles.

While I don't condone the expulsion decision, which has the potential for disunity, Maeliau should also be held liable for causing disunity through his renegade and unrepentant actions.

I am sure the church leadership fully discussed the issue, the decision and likely repercussions on the solidarity of the SSEC congregation. I am sure prior to the meeting to impose the expulsion, both parties would have had some cordial dialogue to resolve their difference. Perhaps no compromise was reached - I don't know.

What is clear though is whether the expulsion decision was made or not, disunity and division was evident and its escalation is inevitable. Maeliau was pursuing his biblical doctrine and in the process he has been luring followers - hence already creating disunity and fracturing the SSEC fabric.

Anyway, let's hope and pray that God Almighty alone will intervene and may his will prevail.