Dear Editor,

I wish to express my view on the decision which was taken up by the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) leaders in a meeting recently held in Honiara in expelling one of its prominent and long serving ordained minister of the church, Mr Micheal Maeliau. Indeed to me such a decision portrays a leadership which lacks vision, spiritual guidance and most of all, the most profound theological teaching and I quote"the true Sheppard."

The reason is because although this issue has been a long standing issue in the church as claimed by the Church Bishop, there are proper avenues in the church for them as leaders to sort out whatever differences there are between them. Because now the issue at hand is, what is the likely repercussion effect of this decision, how would the church community respond, especially taking into consideration the huge followers of Mr Maeliau. Are we still going to have that sense of brotherhood that we've been experiencing in SSEC for the past one hundred (100) or so years? what impacts will such a decision have on the church solidarity? to me these are some of the minor but vital issues that the church leaders should consider before resorting to any decision. Because if there is a time in the history of the church that the church needs to stand united together this is the hour! these are the trying times which the body of Christ (church) needs to focus and work together in love and in unity. Don't let any differences be the dividing line but rather let the church work together as we continue to seek God's will and firm guidance.

Therefore, I personally think that such a decision is irresponsible and whether the church leadership like it or not, a division will not be a remote probability but a possiblity, in which case, they themselves are to be blamed for their poor leadership.

Thanks and may God bless SSEC