It is always a pride to see our country women taking up high calibre jobs and one of which is becoming a pilot. It is not because of the prestige and status that matters but is because of the nature of the job itself. Well am suprised to note that such an achievement by a so called local lad was not well acknowledged which resulted to her being deciding to resign. Well generally speaking it is a common attitude to us Solomon Islanders to value foreigners than ourselves. We always want to satisfy them, giving the best out of what is should our fellow countrymen' pride. Take Solomon Airlines as an example, that organisation itself is a governmently owned, why is it that they is unfairness going on?, who do you prioritized, why are our locally trained pilots complaining that they are being unfairly paid compared to their foreign colleages. To me we should look serious at the welfare of our local pilots. This is because it is our tax money that is spent for their training. And to just loose them to go and work in another country is a totally waste of money for the tax payers in Solomon Islands. Logical reasoning will tell that if wa are only training people then later go abroad to work, I believe the any government of the day shouldn't waste its money on training such people. But to be realistic, that is the reason why most of our well trained countryment left our shores in search for green pastures..because they are unfairly treated by our own local employers(organisation/firms). Its a pity to see such treatments done to our so called local professionals. To me its a pride to see local pilots flying our flag carrier. That is our identity. For instance when tourists came to our shores, its a pride to see a local female with our natural beauty welcoming them onboard a flight. Lets show to the world that we can also do it. Whilst respecting the Solomon Airlines stands on this issue, I'd like to join my other fellow countrymen in requesting that the management should be fair to all its pilots, both locally and internationally.