Dear Editor,

As a constituent of Aoke/Langalanga Constituency I am concerned with the increasing allegations of nepotism and illegal actions being taken by the Minister of Education. From the numerous letters to the newspapers (Sol Star/Is Sun/ and now Sol Times) I can see that all these allegations pointed towards the appointment of the Education Attach e stationed in Suva. These letters alleged a number of issues; firstly the appointment did not follow the right procedures, secondly, the appointment is seen as a political ploy to get rid of a political opponent.

All these paint a bad picture of our MP, someone who had professed in the media that he stand for transparency and accountability. So far I am yet to see any response from the MP/Min. of Ed. to these allegations. What does this say MP? Are they true?

Is the MP/ Min. of Ed. using his position to strengthen his political control, if that's the case then the rumours that the MP also gave directions to NTU to allow a particular student to retain his scholarship, though he failed all his 100 level courses were true as well (student is a brother of one of the MP's opponents in the past election).

As a constituent of Aoke/Langalanga we need answers.