Education Attaché

There we go again, Mr.Asika and Mr.Dimebag have missed the point again with their lengthy articles which contained nothing but just mere rhetoric craps. By reading their articles, one cannot see any logic in them. My view is that, SISA as the elected body should be the body to liase with the Government through the office of the Education Attaché here in Suva. That is, should we have any grievances, it has to be presented by the SISA to the Government through the office of the Attaché through consultations and dialogue between these two offices, simple as that. While everybody knows that students' welfare falls under the scope of the Attaché's job description, it is not all about scholarship termination and allowances as you and your friend Dimebag perceive it. Mind you my friend, I have nothing against SISA, but let me tell you one fact. Before the draft policy on Government scholarships was presented to cabinet last year, the Director of the National Training Unit (NTU) sent a copy by mail to SISA so that students could have some input into it as they promised earlier. Now the Government is implementing the policy which contained no input from us. Whose failure was it that there was no input from the students in the policy? Director? Attaché? Minister? So, stop jumping up and down when we ourselves lack responsibility. This was the main point I was trying to put across for you to digest. Where were you when the director visited and clarified lots of issues last semester? Why are you barking in the media just now under the shells of ASIKA and DIMEBAG?. When I touched on the subscription fee, I was talking about the $10.00 collected by the SISA not the USPSA Grants, these are two totally different things. That fee is collected on the understanding that it will assist the Union (SISA) in the execution of its mandated functions and responsibilities. Let me remind you, I am not interested in the Attache's appointment or whatever action taken by the NTC. What bothers me is such nonsense articles like yours which only tries to paint a false picture for the nation to see and looking for scapegoats to carry the blame for us.