Dear Editor,

Please publish this article, I read in Solomon Times news online regarding the issue of the burning down of the GPPOL Head office at GPPOL 2 station, and found out that there are bitter confusion speculating around. I know that several hierachies of leaders on Guadalcanal including the premier himself condem those involve in the burning, which is true.

I appeal that the Premier Mr Stephen Panga and other interested delegates on the issue to reconsider and think first before making an attempt to comment.

The question is, Who is to be blame? Obviously this is the second office to be on fire and who knows maybe the third and the fourth and the list goes on.

I think responsible leaders of Guadalcanal its enough to hide under the bowl you yourself know that there are outstanding land related issues on the island of Guadalcanal. Who will solve these issues? Or wait for the third office to be build and burn down again ?

Please village elders, chieves, church, provincial and National leaders of Guadaldalcanal must have respect for our illiterate landowners in the village and have some concern for them.

The challenge is upon you..there should be a proper agreement between stakeholders which is the landowner must be respected prior signing an agreement.

This is also a challenge for the developers you must ensure that before you going on with your business activities there should be a peaceful atmosphere but as far as I know which is a long story GPPOL Company comes in without conformity to some issues in the society.

Lastly, I knew that the commission of enquiry regarding the transaction and aquisition of land on Guadalcanal prior to the ethnic tension as part of the Reconcilation process is about to begin and this is another challenge for you leaders of Guadalcanal to think what will be the outcome of such a review. Its a long story.

However, since no one is above the Law let those involve to be charged accordingly.

Thank you one and all

James Tiva

USP, Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji