Dear Editor

I wish to respond to Mr. Abdul's view on the above matter. Indeed one of the reasons why the Solomon Islands Students Association (SISA) was formed is to address issues regarding the welfare of its students which is clearly understood by all. But least you forgot Mr. Abdul; since the established of this Education Attachés office here, it is the right channel to which students issues can and shall be raised. This is a government office mandated to oversee the welfare of students. It seems you are confusing yourself because this office is mandated by the Ministry of Education to have the government informed on issues affecting its students. If whoever is there did not perform his/her duty as expected why should we need him/her? We need someone who can bring issues affecting students to its responsible authorities, which in our case the Solomon Islands Government. Over the years there were lots of issues affecting students, which is why the Government sees fit to have an Education Attaché office here. It seems you can't understand the duties of this office. So why and what do you think this office is mandated for? Let me ask this question who do you think should appoint the Education Attaché, Is it the Ministry of Education or Foreign Affairs? Or do they follow the rightful procedures? I know that was not the case. This political appointee was done by the Minister of Education which in my view was nepotism at its best isn't it? Moreover, since the government did not budgeted for his Salary, where do you think this comes from, heaven or where? I'm afraid, this could be paid from the money that is left in the USP SISA account which we need to know.

As you've mentioned and I quote "How then, can we expect him to bark here and there about those issues while SISA is collecting the Students' annual subscription? That's utterly foolish" end of quote. What do you mean? Which student's annual subscription? From the USPSA or SISA student's itself? I know you really confused yourself. This has nothing to do with the Education attaché job here is Suva. Clear enough! If you have referred to the USPSA grant for its affiliated country members who SISA is a member, then sorry, Abdul, it is for the administering of SISA activities. Another example, is that the student's annual subscription fee is used to support our students who have lost their love ones that need to go home and pay their final tribute just to name a few. The Education Attaché should perform his duties despite this student's annual subscription fee because that is what he is here for. And so we are not ignorant to raise those issues but it is because he is the rightful person to inform the government. Finally, it is surprising that Mr. Abdul got the SISA constitution, something in which many SISA students do not even have access to. After all, I deduce that Mr. Abdul is a Solomon Islander who camouflage under this name. Remember even deep sea animals have strategies to cope with the dark environment they've been living which bioluminescence serves several important functions. What about us Students?