Just to provide some light to Samson's thought of not "abolishing" RCDF but to transfer its administration to a certain independent body. I Indeed this was the thought in Hon. Patterson Oti's mind when he moved a motion of that nature in parliament late last year 2008. Obviously the issue is still pending with the Government and the reason as to why it has not been implemented is unknown. I suspect however that it is because of other pressing issues that are currently at hand or the structural requirements which must come be implemented in order that such a system is effective as expected.

For those of us who seem not to be updated with the work of parliament, in relations to bills, debates etc, I think it is useful to check on up-to-date information at the parliament website: www.parliament.gov.sb so that we can constructively debate on issues important to our beloved country.

Additionally, we have be pragmatic and acknowledge that the system we have now does not allow for over-night changes, and even things that seem to be practicable in imagination may not be so in reality. We all understand the 'ideality' in theory and prespective but the real difference lies on whether what we think or say is actually pragmatic in reality or is just mere illusion. For instance, the ideal practices, given the problems encountered with RCDF are numerous. One can come with up to ten means of better management of RCDF in a minute of brainstorming. But the real question lies on whether what we are thinking of can be achieved in practice right now as the system stands or does it requires system reform and strengthening.Some things can't just happen right now but are prerequisited to other things occuring. Remember there is also danger in "putting the cart before the horse".

And what guarantee is there that if RCDF is administered by another body it won't be misused or abused? Corruption everywhere ia oloketa. So institutional strengthening and reform na should come fastaem before iumi talk aboutim anything more I guess.

Hem tasol..ting-ting wrong blo mi nomoa.