In my persona l view, I think both parties (SISA and Student Attaché) are doing their job. If the Student Attaché is only a spokesperson for the government, then let it be. Another extra foreign office just to spend more money. To my understanding, SISA is so far submitting reports and requests regarding the termination and allowance. The government in response stick to its termination policies and the allowance is what still unsure. Maybe the request to maintain the SBD$20,000 or increases the allowance since living standard here is rising had been ignored. If the SISA sees their application reasonable but the government did not deal with it, then stage a protest. The government can only be shaken through tough approaches. They maybe very backward in paperwork and wait for harder actions. The government should not ignore the students' request, because the case in Fiji is not like what those who stay outside think is. Many funds from aid donors meant for education, and where are those funds being diverted - to MPs account. Invest and well monitor sponsored students because it the only road to develop - train the human resources, find ways to limit fail, and respond to their reasonable request.