Like everyone else, I have been reading the parliament entitlement issue. I do not want to repeat what other writers have said against this increases. Except from my experience I'm pretty sure they are going to go ahead in implementing this entitlements. They have done it before and they will do it again, this investigation and public consultations are only delay excuses, just mark my word when the parliament come to its natural death sometimes next year, these corrupt leaders will be at the treasury to collect their finances.I don't even believe the opposition leader assurances or the SIPEU strike demand for SIPEU leaders are compromised bunch just like the PEC.
Its about time the people started to act, our problem in the Solomon's is that we are too quite and only talk behind people backs, this attitude is sinking the country down, cos we have been with this behavior for a long time and is driving poverty more while our leaders live in comfort. So people of Solomon go on strike or stage massive marches to make these leaders see and change thier greediness. I feel sorry for the majority of our people who struggle everyday but if we do not act, then the failure is with us too