Lets remove the word "abolish" of RCDF and introduce re-allocation of RCDF to be administered by government ministries and genuine NGOs.
I guess that was my initial idea of abolishing RCDF from the control of MPs. As someone has rightly stated, MPs are supposed to be law makers and moreover lead in example as our role models in every aspects of life since they are in the public domain from day one they enter into parliament.
Public officers lower down the rank are easy to be prosecuted by relevant authorities compared to our big lawmen in parliament. In the near future our MPs will successfully pass a bill for themselves to be immune to prosecution for whatever reasons whiles in power. Hence, the need to re-allocate RCDF disbursement and implementation to others instead of our MPs.
I still stand on the notion that SI does not need aid money instead, we need technical assistance in terms of materials, skills, knowledge, logistics, etc. No cry tumas lo RCDF, cry lo own sweat blo u and mi as some others have alluded to in the past.