BULA VINAKA EDITOR- Discussions on researching students failing rate at the University of the South Pacific in Suva has been remarkably good so far. However, what those people should know is that USP has offered all available centers where students should go to if they need help. Such include the Student Academic Service (SAS) which is full of Academic advisors and who can advice students on any mater regarding their education. USP also have the Learning Support center which offers weekly workshops on how to excell and have good grades while studying in the University. They also offer mentoring services in which, students who have been excelled in all sorts of courses offered in USP have their time discussing issues with students who really need their help in any courses they enrolled in. This are just a few of services that USP offered free for students. USP is a professional tertiary institution and is recognized world wide and should not be undermined with regards to education. Just an example, some of the World's best research medals were won by USP lecturers and students in the field of Geo-archaeology and Microbiology and many more. There were also lots and lots of gold medal students who are graduating from USP found place in oversea institutions such as Japan, Singapore, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia etc...this should be taken into consideration as to why solo students are rarely seen in those cases. However, we do have a few who are also in that line and who are now doing their Masters and phDs and other Universities. Those who are successful in this regard are not necessarily genious or bright students. They are by the way, averaged students who looks for education as a hidden treasure. They are the ones who are making good use of the services provided by USP. Hence, who should we blame when others do have good results or good grades whereas others do not. We actually have ourselves (students) to blame. If we do not cope with University life and are not meeting the requirements for our scholarship, then, we need to go back home and rest or just withdraw from the University when you begin to find yourself not coping or adapting to University life. With that, if we are to carry a research on Students fail rate at USP, we need to stop and think, which party are we going to research on as it can be very embarrassing if we begin to look at the University as the main causer of our students failing rate. My advice is try and research on our students behaviour towards study and other works of life as these are the likely causes of our students failing their enrolled courses at USP.

Vinaka Vaka Levu.