I greatly agree with Ashika regarding our Education Attache here in Suva. Most of us students here in USP Laucala Campus do not really know and even understand what his job really is. Is he here to oversee our students' affair here in Fiji or to be here as the representative of the NTU and be very active in terminating students? Please, it's time we work professional and stop being coward in not helping the reality of the situation here in Fiji with regards to stduents life. I think our Education Attache should try to help students in terms of telling our Education authority back in the Solomons to try and increase students allowance as situation here in Fiji is really painful. Prizes of goods in shops and markets are sky- rocketing and our students are finding it hard to cope with such economic problem which is striking Fiji at the moment. With that, I also think that we just don't need an Education Attache here in Fiji as he is so silent with improving students affairs. Let alone SISA be our ruling body here as the presence of the Education Attache do not seem effective at all.