Much has been said about the above issue and whilst research would be necessary as most writers suggested, NTU should allow some flexibility in their scholarship policies and esp with termination.

I can imagine that there could be more than one reason for student's poor performances and some of them would be:

1. Less time studying
2. Too much time spent unnecessarily on social activities.
3. Uni study life is strange, new and different to secondary study life.
4. Students have not attained fair knowledge of prerequisites.
5. Less competence...

I reckon that students themselves should put an extra effort into how to go about this such as...
i. Learn to seek help (and get rid of shyness)
ii. create discussion or study groups (extra tutorials) within SISA.
iii. monitor each other's performance and offer help where needed..

I believe that every courses can be attained by students if only they tap into the right level of competence required. If anyone can pass a unit, then everyone can!

Thus, my concluding remarks would be:
1. For SISA to try and strategize (if they have not done so yet) on how they can organize themselves and monitor their own academic performances, taking required actions where necessary.
2. NTU should not base it's decision for termination on a particular reason (which would be biased) but should rather support SISA with their strategies to empower students academically.

As long and NTU (Sponsor) and SISA (students) have a common understanding then there is no need for research.