Dear Editor,

I wish to say a few words on the above matter. While it is appreciated that at least one person of prominence has stood the ground to acknowledge the outcry of the people, the majority and influenctial side of the house has no say whatsoever on the matter. It is a shame that this is the case.

We know too well of political promises and we are not new to these. Yes, there are procedures and due processes to follow which will slow things down. But I think these are mere excuses to make things look good and may be pass the responsibility on somebody else or on the system itself.

We see that promises should no longer be entertained but actions should be the guiding principle when it comes to dealing with matters that would affect this Nation adversly and we see the recent increases in P.E. as not beneficial to this Country.

A nation's success and failures depend on its leadership. At the moment we are basically suffering not because of our own doings but because of the wrongs committed since 'birth'.

Thank you.