It is now very obvious the our members of Parliament are helping themselves with what little money this country has. To say the PEC is an independent body is not quiet correct- Snyder Rini is a very senior government MP and Zama is a senior opposition MP. Danny is their puppet. Going to the extent of giving terminal grant to their wives is absurd- short lo excuse na or bait for mrs so they dont leave you or 02s.
What about long serving public service with good records can trhey be given $50,000.00 after 10 or 15 years of service?
The MPs almost are not accountable to anyone with all the funds they have. Just look how dire and desperate are the villages and basic services you wonder where all this money has gone into and there is no published records to account for all this money from the great majority of members. All of us know that this money goes into the MP family accounts, their friends and relatives and is saved up for re election purposes (of course a small amount goes to this church and school but that is a trickle)
I suggest we the public
-mobilise to demand MPs are publicly accountable, and punishable if they misuse funds or do not account for the money they get for development
-make membership of PEC to include unions and the private sector reps.

Otherwise after all this noise and upraor it will be all forgotten and they will continue to get rich and us continue to be frustrated. They are already playing delay tactics by refering this to an enquiry.