Dear Editor,
Thank you for allowing me to share about the saddest moment of my life. This will also concern all the SIG sponsored students who are also studying here in laucala campus, Fiji. Iam a first year student and this is also my first time to come out overseas. Since the moment I left Honiara, I felt very happy to be travelling to another country (Fiji) to study and also to meet new friends.
Quite drastically, after several weeks everything turned out to be different.That happiest moment of my life turned out to be the saddest.As was not expected,instead of searching for information for my essays, Im are now shamelessly searching for food to keep me alive for the next day.Had it been that this place was closer to the Solomon shores, I think I would have already paddled over the past weeks.The other reasons that have disappointmented me are that:

1. We, SIG sponsored students cannot access the computer labs now for our webmails. The importance of accesing the webmail is that our assignments are always received and sent through them.

2. By next week, we will be totally banned from the library and attending lectures and tutorials.And as can be understood, all SIG sponsored students here at Laucala are under the Face-to-face mode, which means that we are not given course books like on DFL. This means that, NO LECTURE-NO NOTES !

3. Anytime from next week, we will evacuate from the halls of residences since we have not settled our contract with the Halls of Residence management.This contract can only be settled only if we have sufficient funds.And since there is no finance available, I think you will see me on the Fiji TV sleeping on the streets as of next week.
4.Residing in a foreign country in a needy situation is like when you are left alone in a desert with no friends around.Quite similarly, the only friends I have here are my SIG counterparts who are also stranded with the same situation.
Some of us even go as far as trying to make friends with the Fijians and the Indians just for the sake of being invited to eat with them.Luckily enough, because of our
Melanesian culture, most of us depend entirely on our AusAid and NZAid sponsored students for food because sharing is also part of our lives.

It's been a month now since we arrived here, especially for myself. And Im not used to the system of how SIG allocate allowances to students. It is only here that I came to experience such situations. I also have proven to myself from what other senior students have complained about over the past years when I was still at high school. I do not blame anybody yet for our problems, but I just want to inform all responsible authorities that I trully do not deserve such a harsh situation. Please consider our situation as an urgent one. I hope this same situation will not affect those that will come after us.