It is interesting to note the various contribution from all who shared their thoughts in the above issue. Our parliamentarians whom we refer to as leaders in this issue were primarily supposed to be our voice in the legislation chamber. Their leadership should show in the types of laws or bills they pass in parliament, especially in terms of taking the nation forward with tagible development. However, their leadership focus had shifted since they took on the role of a fanancier of developments through schemes such as RCDF, the mellenium fund etc..

I think that corruption and other forms of self serving attitude began when people start pressuring them for handouts and favour.

I think that a political leadership that drives development is one that creates the environment for development to take place through effective and practical legislations. Our parliamentarians should relinquish their holds on development funds such as the RCDF and allow these funds to be projectised and allocated to each provinces under the ministry of rural developmemt. The infrastructures and human resource development funds should be tendered by the ministry so that credible and competent bidders can apply for. While the economic portion of the funds should be channelled through credible and accountable financial institutions such as the banks to administer it with well set out lending instruments for people of the provinces.

I believe that economic development will take place in the rural areas when the human resources, infrastructures and markets are developed.