Dear Editor,

I think we do not need an Education Attaché here is Suva because the issues that have been raised to him instead of finding ways to address those issues as he is mandated by the government or have the government informed, he seems so defensive. This piece of work can be very well carried out by the USPSISA had this political appointee is not here. But since the establishment of the Education Attaché office, SISA is handicap and powerless. It seems the Attaché cares more about government's money rather than addressing issues affecting our students due to the current devaluation of the Fiji dollar. If he is mandated to oversee the educational affairs of the students why does he remain so silent on the above matter? Much have been said in your paper about the devaluation of Fiji dollar and its likely rigorous effect on the students well being. Yet he chooses to say nothing.

Do you recall when the warning of H1N1 here in Fiji just recently; the Ministry of Education in a bold statement said they would only act on the advice of the Vice-Chancellor for any possible evacuation of students. But what about his call for an increase in the students allowance to all sponsors? NTU is good at terminating students but very poor in addressing their problems.

It is also surprising that even this semester's allowance was also reduced? Why was that? Can the Education Attaché explain? In the previous years the allowance was FJD$4165.00 for semester II during those times which the Fijian currency was really strong against ours. The above amount was reduced to just FJD$4000 as per SISA email that only a FJD$1000 is yet to be paid to each student. Where is the other FJD$165 gone? Have you informed the responsible authorities of the rising costs of all basic things here? What about the so much thousand dollars left in the SISA account before it was handed over to the Education Attaché? Who will use that money? Is it for the Education Attaché salary? I wish if he could arrange for a meeting with the SISA Student body, there are lots of outstanding issues that needs to be discussed. For without those issues I think this education attaché office shouldn't be here. Otherwise just prepare for another termination exercise at the end of the year by NTU. And maybe we do not need an Education Attaché here as student's issues are not properly addressed with those responsible authorities.