Firstly I would kindly ask Celsus to spell my surname correctly next time, for I do not belong to the Viuru family.

Secondly, I would also say that to think beyond RCDF and leadership in Solomon Islands will always be the case. People will always think up ideas but do they workout all the times? I do agree that our citizens should always think for themselves in their quest to attain viable economic activity or progress within their efforts. However, our leaders must not forget their responsibility to lead and serve our people. They were there at the first place because of those ignored people in our rural areas. And when we talk about economic development, let's not focus on unsustainable small projects such as poultry, piggery, canteen, fuel depot, etc. These income generating activities are a waste of money and effort. Let's talk about positive development that can be sustained in the long run and capable to attract overseas investment either in equal partnership or with some greater benefits. All these need good infrastructure and furthermore. This is where our government leaders should help initiate assistance from somewhere.

We cannot just expect our people to help themselves if their cries for development are continually ignored. Just to think and feel that there is a way out from all these helplessness, will bring us nowhere. The notion that leaders and people alike should work hand in hand is where people initiate their own economic undertakings and supported by our so called leaders in whatever ways possible. We do not need cash from aid-donors, instead we need their expertise/knowledge and skills in building necessary economic tools. Cash handouts has steadily driven our country into a stagnant pace. Our leaders are supposed to play pivotal roles in facilitating the economic needs of our people and any potential investors. This is where our leaders miserably fail. A leaderless pack of citizens will go nowhere.